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Fundamentals of Physics

Contents : ATOMIC STRUCTURE AND LASER PHYSICS : Spectroscopy of Atoms, Spectra of Alkali Metals, Vector Atom Model and Doublet Fine Structure of Alkali Metals, Vector Atom Model for two Valence-Electrons and Different Couplin...

B.Sc. Practical Physics

Introductory Concepts, Measurements of Length, Mass and Time, Moments of Inertia, Acceleration Due to Gravity, Damped Harmonic Oscillator, Surface Tension and Viscosity, Elastic Constants, Thermal Conductivity, Mechanical Equ...

Waves & Optics

Contents : Wave Motion,Transverse and Longitudinal Waves, Interference by Division of Wavefront, Interference by Division of Amplitude, Fersnel Diffraction, Fraunhoffer Diffraction, Polarization of Light and Waves and Optical Rotation, Fiber ...

Statistical Mechanics

Contents : Some Basic Ideas of Statistical Mechanics, Kinetic Theory of Gases and Molecular Collision, Kinetic Theory of Gases and Equipartition law, Maxwell-Boltzmann Statistics, Bose-Einstein and Fermi-Dirac Statistics.

Thermal Physics

Contents : Zeroth and First Law of Thermodynamics, Entropy and Third Law of Thermodynamics, Thermodynamic Potential and Thermodynamic Relations, Real Gases.