Comparative Study Of Government and Politics

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 Evolution of Comparitive Political Analysis, Classification of Political Systems, Politcal Traditions in Great Britain, Socio-Econimic Dimentions of British Polices, The British Political Processes in U.S.A., Russian Revolution and Its Lrgacy, Sociaty, Economy and Nature of Soviet State, The Communist Party of USSR and Gorbachev Reforms, Soviet Federslism and its Disintegration, The Chinese Revolution, Socio-Economic Dimensions of Chinese Politices, State Structure of China, Communist Party of China, Chinese Development Model- From Maoism to Dengism, The Post-Colonial World, The One Party State, Neo-Colonialism and Ehhnic TensionsMonarchy, The Cabinet and The Prime Minister, The British Parliament, Political Parties, Pressure Groups and Political Processes in Britain, Political Traditions in the United States, Socio-Economic System-Its Impact on U.S. Politics, American Federalism, The American President, The U.S. Congress, The U.S. Supreme Court and Judical Review, Political Parties, Pressure Groups and 

Authors : V N Khanna