Fundamentals of Optics

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ISBN : 81-8045-082-1


About the Light, Fermat’s Principle and Its Applications, Reflection and Refraction of Light, Thin Lenses, Coaxial Systems of Lenses and Cardinal Points, Thick Lenses, Lens Aberrations, Optical Instruments, Dispersion of Lights, Velocity of Light, The Matrix Method in Optics, Wave Motion, Theory of Light Propagation, Interference of Light, Interference Effects in Thin Films, Interferometry, Diffraction of Light-I(Fresnel Class),

Diffraction of Light-II(Fraunhofer Class), Resolving Power of Optical Instruments, Polarization of Light Waves, Ellipitical and Circular Polarization, Rotatory Polarization and Polarimetry, Electromagnetic Waves and the Electromagnetic Theory of Light, Modulation, Wave Packets and Pulse Dispertion, Spectra and The Invisible Radiations, Quantum Nature of Radiation, Wave Nature of Particles, Laser and Holography, Fiber Optics, Relativistic Optics: Special Theory of Relativity

Authors : Ashok Kumar, D R Gulati, H R Gulati