B.Sc. Practical Physics

Price : 345/-

ISBN : 81-8045-053-8


Introductory Concepts, Measurements of Length, Mass and Time, Moments of Inertia, Acceleration Due to Gravity, Damped Harmonic Oscillator, Surface Tension and Viscosity, Elastic Constants, Thermal Conductivity, Mechanical Equivalent of Heat, Thermo-Electricity, Black Body Radiation, Reflection, Refraction and Dispersion, Lenses, Sextant, Interference, Diffraction, Ultrasonic Diffraction Grating, Emission and Absorption Spectra, Polarisation, Laser and Optical Fibre, Vibration of Stretched Strings, Magnetic Measurements, Magnetic Properties of Solids, Electrical Instruments, Measurements of Resistance, Measurements of High Resistence, Ballistic Galvanometer, Hysteresis, Magnetic Effects of Currents, Electromagnetic Induction, RC and LCR Circuits, Alternating Current Bridges, Determination of e/m, Semiconductors, P-N Junction Diode, Opto-Electronic Devices, Rectifiers, Filters and Power Supplies, Ionization Potential, Transistors, Clipping and Clamping, FET, UJT and SCR, Networks Theorems,   CRO,  Transistor Amplifiers, Operational Amplifier (OPAMP), Oscillators,  The 555Timer, Modulation and Detection, Digital Electronics, Digital to Analog Convertion, Dielectric Constant

Authors : Geeta Sanon