Fundamentals of Physics (For Maharishi Dayanand University)

Price : 250/-

ISBN : 81-8045-035-X


Contents : ATOMIC STRUCTURE AND LASER PHYSICS : Spectroscopy of Atoms, Spectra of Alkali Metals, Vector Atom Model and Doublet Fine Structure of Alkali Metals, Vector Atom Model for two Valence-Electrons and Different Coupling Schemes, Zeeman Effect, Paschem-Back Effect and Stark Effect, Moleculer Physics, Main Features of a Laser, Einstein’s Quantum Theory of Emission and Absorption of Radiation, Basic Principles of Lasers, Some Specific Laser Systems, Applications of Lasers

NUCLEAR PHYSICS : Nuclear Structure and Properties of Nuclei, Interaction of Nuclear Radiation, Nuclear Reaction and Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear Acclerators and  Nuclear Radiation Detectors, Biblography

Authors : Dr.R M P Jaiswal & Dr.S K Gupta