Elementary Economics

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Nature and Scope of Economic, What is and Economy, Capitalist, Socialist and Mixed Economies, Human Wants and Economic Activities, The Law of Demand, Utility Analysis of Demand and Equilibrium of the Consumer, Elasticity of Demand, Consumer’s Surplus and Family Budgets, Production and Factors of Production, Land as a Factor of Production, Labour as a Factor of Production, Capital as a Factor of Production, Organisation of Business, Law of Returns and Returns to Scale, Law of Supply and Elasticity of Supply, Features of Modern Production, Wealth, Income and Welfare, Markets, Revenues and Cost of a Firm, Pricing under Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Oligopoly and Monopolistic competition, The General Theory of Distribution, Rent of Land, Wage of Labour, Interest for Capital, Profit of Enterprises, Money in a Modern Economy, Banks on a Modern Economy, Value of Money : Quantity Theory of Money, National Income, Theory of Income and Employment, International Trade and foreign Exchange, Finances of the Government, Problems of Economic Development

Authors : K P M Sundharam